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First Contemporary MEAT INTEGRATED FACILITY has been opened in KYRGYZSTAN


TORO INTEGRATED MEAT FACILITY has been opened on 29.09.2015 of which the project and machinery equipment have been provided by CEMSAN MACHINERY. Temir Sariev, Prime Minister of Kyrgyzstan stated in his speech at the commencement, “We have been working for building modern facilities in Kyrgyzstan and the improvement of state economy. Huge facilities such as this one are very important for our country. We have started to work on meat treatment and healthy meat production for all goods produced in the Republic of Kyrgyzstan.  Our primary goal is to prove our potential in exports”.

Metin Kılıç, Ambassador of Turkey to Kyrgyzstan emphasized in his speech “I am proud not only for a Turkish company building the facility but also for attending the commencement of the first agricultural meat treatment facility of Republic of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan has important sources and products both under the ground and over the ground.  The most important problem is selling these products and marketing them worldwide. With Eurasian Economic Union Kyrgyzstan met with a market for 180 million people. There are important export markets in the south and west of Kyrgyzstan. Kyrgyzstan should pack the products according to world standards and should make them ready to sell”.

General Director of Cemsan Machine, Adnan Lale stated in his speech “We hereby declare to the world that two friendly countries Kyrgyzstan and Turkey will sign for many successes in commerce. I would like to thank to people of Kyrgyzstan and valuable investors on the day we commence this facility”.

After the speeches, Prime Minister Temir Sariev, Metin Kılıç Ambassador of Turkey to Kyrgyzstan and General Director of Cemsan Adnan Lale and other ministers visited the facility with other participants.